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Family Guy: Peter Griffin meets MacFarlane

2007-08-27 14:22:23 by Llorente

August 27th, 2007

The Family Guy parody (Please vote it for the PARODY SECTION!) I submitted to NewGrounds, "Peter meets Seth", has been tremendously successful on Youtube, with over 320,000 visits to date. Even Alex Borstein, the actress who dubs Lois, has seen it... whoa!

As I see the comments posted both on NewGrounds and Youtube, I realize I should have worked more on the script and the sound quality, and I apologize for it. But, for those who complain on the story, please note English is not my mother tongue.

I am currently working on my second and last Family Guy parody, but the plot will remain a secret until I publish the movie on Youtube. The trailer I'll make will be as useless as in Shyamalan's movies, but it should give an approximate release date. The script has been made by profesional radio broadcasters and I will have a VERY SPECIAL PERSON to play some of the characters.

Unfortunately, this episode will include a live action part, so I will be relatively unable to post it on NewGrounds. Anyway, I'll post the link on my NG blog! Sorry! =(

Stay tuned!

Family Guy: Peter Griffin meets MacFarlane


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2007-08-27 15:33:03

Yeah I thought it was well done. Forgive my old review of it. It's like the first time I saw it the sound was playing way different then the next time I saw it. Maybe I didn't let it load entirely.


2008-03-25 17:14:16

This IS on newgrounds.


2008-06-04 22:08:46

I guess the Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation doesn't take kindly to fan films.
That's really gay of them.


2008-07-02 11:31:43

Que mal que no les molara a la FOX esto.


2008-11-05 16:19:59

when is your second family guy parody comming out and when you put it on youtube whats it called because i really want to see it


2012-07-09 03:40:03

Oh so it is a parady and I guess this was ur last movie sad :(